Josephine is a British portrait and fashion photographer interested in creating intimate, sensual depictions of her subject with a soft, shallow depth of field. She utilises medium format film and a tight crop to depict them in a way that allows nowhere to hide within the frame. 
Josephine’s fascination with studying photography began at sixteen whilst studying the short course in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. Since then, she has completed a first-class degree in Photography at the University of Edinburgh and secured a place to study a Master of Arts at Paris college of Art in Fashion Film and Photography; further cementing her commitment to image-making.
Her recent series ‘BOYHOOD’, awarded the Astaire Art Prize 2021, aimed to encapsulate the adolescent stage of her two brothers with an emphasis on their relationship and the ways in which this evolves as they grow older as well as looking at exploring masculinity and the intersections between these two avenues. 
It began as she noticed that her youngest brother, Edward, still had the build of a child whereas her slightly older younger brother, George, had begun to take on the physical features of an adult man. When they were younger, they could pass for the same age, being only three years between them, whereas now this age gap seems infinitely greater. She wanted to capture this difference from being on the edge of childhood to on the verge of adulthood; thereby titling it ‘BOYHOOD’. 
Her work has been often fascinated by depictions of gender, and she is now bringing this approach to image-making in developing her editorial work; expanding into work in the studio, moving image and situating herself within the exciting world of fashion.
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